Commercial Locksmith Services Palatine Illinois

Palatine Locksmith is devoted to providing exemplary world class commercial services as encapsulated in its Vision and Mission statements.

Whereas it is publicly acclaimed that that the impact of security flaws are unquantifiable in monetary value we however take greater responsibility in provide legendary commercial services to our valued customers at all the times.

Palatine Locksmith takes the huger task of securing commercial at reasonable and very affordable prices without compromising quality.

Our services in the past speak for themselves from our online positive reviews that we receive from our customers. Positive reviews from our customers help to affirm our commitment to quality locksmith services as well as motivate us to improve our existing techniques, skills and personnel.

What are the services Palatine Locksmith offer?

We offer general and specialized service.


  • Lost key replacements
  • Commercial houses lock repairs.
  • Lock installation in doors that they were non existent
  • Duplicating master keys and safe keys to sensitive areas.

We offer instant solution to jammed doors to crane systems as well as provide general and specialized maintenance services to cranes.

We link with other professional bodies and persons to receive feedback our thoroughly tasted innovative techniques before they are applied hence our perfectionist reputation.

Palatine Locksmith has lately invented master key security systems. It borrows from centralized control systems in computer and law enforcement systems. A digitized automatic lock by Palatine Locksmith helps to monitor human traffic into and out of the office. We as well link this to local law enforcement agencies to provide information about security breach in our workplace.